Happy Turkeyday!

medusa-headed-seeded-up-kali-thai-all-tloGetting chilly now around my part of the woods here in the Pacific Northwest. The good news is our Black Poison variety passed the outdoor mold test with flying colors, and she even endured rain and foggy (very wet) and still mornings. A real delicious connoisseur sativa dominant here for reals. She finishes outdoors in the northern hemi the first week of November, and like I said, she’s a beast as far as her resistances to mold and mildew goes. Super intense and wicked tasty smoke, with long ass legs. She is some very powerful sativa; so, peeps that get a tad too paranoid on strong sativas should beware, because she is true-living-organics-2nd-edition_revindeed that type of smoke.

Coma Cluster, “holy shit” I do loves this smoke dearly. She grows a tad sativa dominant looking, but with very large yields, and just the evilest sweet and dank (together) flavor ranges—seriously try some of this out if you want to walk on the wild side of a killer hybrid, and she can rearrange your whole day if you wake and bake with her, no important math problems should be attempted while under her influences.

Checking out (germinating) the Black Poison Skunk here at present, in fact I am just about to germinate them along with a few others, like: Cherry Hemmingway, Willie Nelson, and Big Mountain Blue (BMB was made by a good old friend of mine “Mountain” RIP, and sent to me by another old friend, “4Corners Colorado” many moons ago). I have 4 of them so let’s see if I can get all 4 to pop!

The Deep Chunk are making seeds at present and still a couple of weeks left to go before harvesting them. Also, made some of the DC x Kali Thai, Red Russian Skunk, and Boggle Dragon, for some special looking at, heh heh. Cheers everyone, and it’s almost Turkeyday! deep-chunk-male-nov-2016



Public Alert Broadcast!

coma-cluster-apical-budGreetings Earthlings, it’s time for another Rev’s Ramble about stuff and things happening in KOS world. I’m coming to you today from one of my favorite pubs in Coos Bay, Oregon; The Coney Station, and I’m having myself a little screwdriver while hidden back in a corner table, heh heh. Alright let’s get down to business, starting out with the latest regarding the Coma Cluster variety available here at KOS…
Coma Cluster
I got two pretty distinct phenotypes from the 5 females I chose my final two females from, so I took one of each pheno to flower and check out. Both phenos were pretty close, one smelled and tasted a little cotton candy like while the other was just very very dank smelling and tasting. Both my females had some intense potency, seriously, what I would call top-shelf stupid-weeds. No doing any math for sure while high on this one. Really a severe ass-kicker to the max. The yields are also very good and I got almost 3 ounces of prime (large flowers) buds from each of the 2.5-coma-cluster-apical-budfoot plants, after dried. So this baybee is for sure a very worthy contender for commercial applications along with personal gardens everywhere, so definitely check her out because she will treat you well—wink.
New Stuff I’m Checking Out
I have a couple varieties I just sprouted you can see in the photos. The Lemongrass Thai x Deep Chunk, and I also popped some pure Deep Chunk seeds as well. These are both from circa 2000 or so, and I got 3 of 6 LgT x DC and 5 of 6 DC to actually sprout. I didn’t make either of these so I’m pretty happy these old seeds were as viable as they were. So I’m going to inbreed the DC for sure, and while I am at it I will also cross the LgT x DC back to the DC; I won’t be selling any pure DC beans but I will release these hybrids that are sure to rock and roll with epic power!
I’m also looking forward to recombining some of the LgT x DC with my Kali Thai in the near future as well. Pretty soon now I will be bringing up some of my olden Cherry Hemmingway(Cherry Hemmy) I made a bazillion years ago, and I will be working some of these genes into my IBL Skunk line (Red Russian Skunk) along with the Deep Chunk; for those of you that don’t know, the Deep Chunk is a very olden IBL (inbred line) Afghanistan Hashplant (from Tom Hill) and basically a true blood deadly indica bomb from hell with huge yields.
 KOS Public Alert Broadcast
Hey so if anyone can give me some good photos and a good description of a KOS variety I can use I will send you a free pack of seeds of your choice! Here is a list of the varieties I need stuff for:
• Darkling Sativa
• Black Poison F2s
• Black Poison Skunk
Here’s the link for the template: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/13616864/KOS%20Variety%20Description%20for%20Peeps.txt
deep-chunk-tlo-sproutsOkay amigos, that’s about it for now, but stay tuned for my KOS Rev’s Ramble for next month
– REvski

The Red Thai


Alrightythen… July 2016 Summertime rules! Well, I am up to lots of stuff, so buckle up, hahahaha; seriously though, I have a lot going on right now, so I’ll try my best to be as brief as possible, whew, and away we go…

First of all amigos, here’s a double secret probation link to a lot of KOS lines and I update these all the time so check back to see latest developments along with breeder’s notes etc. So bookmark this link…


The Black Poison f2s are just a couple of days away from the Gamblers’ Table, so if you knew what I know about this recombination, you would jump on some of those ASAP! Fertile breeders’ grounds.
Dark DragonI am going to note here, especially for those outdoor growers near the coast where humidity plays a big part. The Dark Dragon has a vercontinous-flowering-tent-kos-and-tloy specialized floral morphology that is still pretty dense—not rock hard dense—and allows for some air movement that combats things like Bud Rot. So a great choice for an outdoor grower along the coast I think; they work fine indoors too. Great unique flavor range along with exotic smells—you can pick this smoke out in a crowd of smoke. She’s kind of uppity for me, an intense hit in two waves for me, at about 10 min and again at about 15 min and she is an ass kicker with long sativa-like legs (length of effect) and three hours easy for me, solid bake, no rollercoaster type ride here, more like a freight train.
Black Poison Skunk is also about to make it’s showing at The Gambler’s Table as well, and this highly exotic baybee is made using my female Red Russian Skunk; 3 individual females actually, and using a super stinky tough as nails and large yielding Black Poison male. Seriously, he smelled strongly!
Right now I am germinating some of my last original Deep Chunk seeds along with several Deep Chunk x Lemongrass Thai seeds; fingers crossed these are both really old.
I had one of my LEDs finally (after 5 or 6 years of constant use) failed and the spectrum wasn’t right so I got a new bad ass LED up in my sprouting zone now. The plants started to look like they were hurting and I moved some over to another light and those came right out of it. So keep that in your bag of diagnostic trix, because old lights can cause big problems. In any gardens I troubleshoot that is one of the first questions I ask, how old are your lights/bulbs?
 My few Tombs and couple Darkling Sativa plants all showed male on me, germinated under that old LED light, but since I have heard back from a few peeps about normal and female high sexual ratios from those two, I am pretty sure that light zapped ‘em into an unhappy place. So long story short, I will be popping dark-rhinosome more of these ASAP too.
I have a Bogglegum (f2) male stud-muffin warming up in the bullpen—super NL5 dominant—I am going to cross out to my Kali Thai and remake an even more insane Fat Tuesday. Seriously confident about what I am doing here using an f2 male Bogglegum I selected rather than the f1 Bogglegum male I used in the original cross making Fat Tuesday. Bigger, more potent, enhanced yields, resistances, and vigor.
Right behind that aiming mostly at making Mobius Dragon Sativa (Black Forrest male x Boggle Dragon); now that I have seen how this Boggle Dragon breeds I know she will recombine along the Black Forrest’s olden Vietnamese sativa lines. Should bump up resin production, yields, and while I can’t imagine where exactly the sharp pungent smells and flavors of the Black Forrest slamming into the candy sweet aspects of the Boggle Dragon will end up, but it should be memorable.
Another one in the works is I want to cross my selected Red Russian Skunk male to my Kali Thai female and make some Red Thai—drool! Also, Coma Clustertlo-tent-continuous-style is holy shit tough, easy to grow, yields large, deadly potent; check her out you’ll be happy you did.
The numbers on that one tent full photo represent the number of days each of those plants has left before harvest. If you treat a nerve related spasm pain issue like I do, seriously think about trying out the Dark Rhino. She has excellent qualities along these lines for myself and several others I know of. Cheers!
– REvski

Summer is Here!

Yeah baybee, summertime is here! I’m going to give you guys a killer recipe to make hash chocolates at the end of this ramble, so make sure to check it out because they are bad ass and easy as hell to make with dry sifted hash; and, did I mention, delicious! Okay, on to KOS stuff for June 2016:

dark-dragonFirst of all amigos, here’s a double secret probation link to a lot of KOS lines and I update these all the time so check back to see latest developments along with breeder’s notes etc.kos-c99 So bookmark this link…


The Black Poison f2s are just a couple of weeks away from the Gamblers’ Table, so if you knew what I know about this recombination, you would jump on some of those ASAP!
Dark Dragon and Coma Cluster are two super big producers just packed with dense resin. Uber potent and very tasty. If you are growing outdoors where humidity and moisture are a concern, I would highly recommend the Dark Dragon due to her outstanding outdoor capable floral morphology. Indoors I would go with the Coma Cluster, a powerhouse cropper style variety
packed with punch and flavor and days away from availability here at KOS.
Black Poison Skunk is also about to make it’s showing at The Gambler’s Table as well, and this highly exotic baybee is made using my female Red Russian Skunk; 3 individual females actually, and using a super stinky tough as nails and large yielding Black Poison male. Seriously, he smelled strongly!
Check it out, we here at KOS now take Bitcoins, yay! Also look to see the cool sales we have going on this month. Don’t forgetdark-dragon-indoor-flowers-400-watt-mh about all the oldies but goodies we have here at KOS too, like the Rusty Haze, Cap Peeler, C99, and Iron Cindy, seriously some good chit Maynard. For medical peeps, trying to alleviate pain, coma-cluster-at-25-daysespecially the type caused by nerve damage, give the Dark Rhino, or The Tombs a try, these both have awesome capabilities here in this area.
Cheers everyone, and have a kick ass June!.- REvski

Happy 4/20

red-russian-skunk-maleApril is upon us and what a beautiful April it is here along Southern Oregon’s Coastline. If you are feeling lucky, go check out The Gamblers’ Table here at KOS if you want to roll the dice on a couple almost certain to be highly connoisseur varieties; Blue black-poisonMatter & Madness II—go check them out and see if they might be something up your ally, killer deal on them. Alright, let’s get to some other stuff shall we…
The Iron Cindy f2s are one of my favorite stashes at present. A tad too intense for a wake-n-bake if I have important things to do, but gawd awful delicious and deadly; not to mention kick ass yields. A great deal on those here at KOS and well worth it if you ask me, no bullshit!
I’m checking out the Black Poison, Coma Cluster, The Tombs, and Darkling Sativa at present. Let me tell you how spooky great the Darkling Sativa looks, yikes! Also, the Black Poison (breeding stock) is looking insane. One of the Coma Clusters I have (teenagers) is already wicked sticky—a very good sign indeed.
Breeding a few of the Red Russian Skunk females with my favorite Black Poison male and this tent is looking FAT!
Make sure and sign up to get the newsletter here at KOS so you can get notified via email when any sale or new release is happening.
cheers.- REvski

Its a Dark Christmas

Hello everybody. Here comes the last Rev’s Ramble for 2015, yikes, time is flying. Storms are rolling over me one after the other here lately along Oregon’s South Coast, wet and windy baybee. My 10-day forecast is solid rain, rain, rain, ugh. Still, nothing a little good hash won’t help make better, heh heh; okay, onwards we go…
Dark Dragon looks very nice, and at 3 weeks into flowering she smells strongly of pink grapefruit candy and is developing large amounts of resin already; watch for theseto be available really soon here at KOS. They look like real contenders for outdoors as well and judging by my females I would bet they can get VERY large outdoors, seriously. Plus they all express traits that rock outdoors in my experience.
Dark Rhino is very dense, and well formed for making some decent sized nuggets. Looks like she’s gonna be a big yielding hunny, and even at 2 weeks into flowering she already wreaks like hash when you disturb her buds, and she already is popping a gazillion trichome sites (puckers); so looking like a real knockout punch, and I am very curious where her aromas and flavors will go—yum!
KOS –“The Tombs” and “Coma Cluster” Hybrids
Iron Cindy (m) x Boggle Dragon = Coma Cluster…And, the Iron Cindy (m) x BR1947 =The Tombs. Watch for these to be popping up on the “Gamblers’ Table” here at KOS very soon now, a very limited early release, and if you ask me these are a no-brainer, LoL. These fine varieties are made up from so many very good solid lines that I myself have worked and am seriously familiar with, just sayin’. So, watch for your email if you have signed up for the KOS newsletter alerting you when these gems hit “The Gamblers’ Table” – woohoo!
Black Forrest (m) x C99 – I have made these before about a decade ago and called them “Cindy Black” and they are right around 10 weeks and rock hard core for any Hazey “Cat Piss”fans out there. The seeded up C99s are hanging as I write this all fat full of ripe Darkling Sativa seeds; another one to watch for at the 201512061Gamblers’ Table fairly soon.
Black Forrest (m) x Black Durban – I didn’t make a ton of these, and will be using them as breeding stock in the near future. I might let a (very) few packs go at the Gamblers’ Table, so watch for that too if you are interested; these are gonna be something else I do strongly believe—wiggling eyebrows.
That’s about it for the December babbling by yours truly, and I hope all your holidays are full of real love and laughter;
cheers.- REvski