Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your Refund Policy?

    We do not provide refunds or exchanges for any reason what so ever.

    While Kingdom Organic Seeds does everything in it’s power to package your order discreetly to ensure delivery of your package, when you order your souvenir packs your are recognizing that there is the possibility these items can be confiscated by authorities, and is in no way Kingdom Organic Seeds responsibility.

    If for some reason your order doesn’t make it to you please contact us and we will try to make you happy. We do appreciate our customers and want you experience with us to be a pleasant one.

  • What are my payment options?

    To make a purchase you have a couple options.

    • Click the ‘Buy’ button under the item you want. Clicking this button will re-reroute you to the specific item’s purchase page. From here you would add the item to your cart. Login or Register a new account if you haven’t already. Then click view cart in the upper right corner of the page and follow the check out procedures. The only way to identify the item you are purchasing is looking closely at the items name. If you need help visit our contact page and contact us from there for further instructions.
    • Your second option is you can email us your order, through our contact page. With in 1 business day of submitting your order by email, you will receive an email from us containing a link that will allow you to pay for your order online with out ever having to register at our web store. Your options using this method are Credit Card and ACH (Bank Transfer/Electronic Check). You can use a gift card in this method as long as the gift card has a Visa, Mastercard, or Amex logo. If using the ACH method your order will not be mailed until the ACH transaction clears. Which is approximately 3 business days.
    • We accept Bitcoin through our site, or we can send you a request for a payment from our Bitcoin Wallet. The conversion of USD to Bitcoin is automatically calculated on our site to be current with the market conversion value. If we email you a payment request from our Bitcoin wallet the conversion of USD to Bitcoin will be calculated at the time we email you our Invoice. And will not be recalculated regardless of how the USD to Bitcoin Value may fluctuate. So to ensure you are getting the correct and most current up to date exchange of USD to Bitcoin you may prefer to use our site.

    We try to provide multiple ways to pay in hopes to allow everyone a choice that makes them feel most comfortable ordering.

    NOTE: Please keep in mind for record keeping purposes we only allow an invoice to be unpaid for 48 Business Hours. If you requested an Invoice and do not pay it with in this time frame, you will no longer be able to pay it as it will automatically void itself, and a new invoice will need to be requested.

  • How will my package be shipped?

    All orders are shipped discreetly through Snail Mail. We ensure there is tracking with every order. We offer a flat rate on shipping prices for all orders.

  • How long does it take to ship my order?

    All orders will be shipped 1 business day after the order was placed. Delays may occur when ordering during major holidays, due to a large increase in orders. You will receive your tracking number the same day your package has shipped. If you did not receive your tracking number in the email please visit our site and log back in to your account to view your tracking number.

    Once your package leaves our hands we have no control over how long the Post Office will take to get it to you.

    If you paid your order by ACH your order will not ship until the ACH has cleared. ACH transactions usually clear within 3 business days.

    If upon checkout from our web store you receive a message stating:
    “There is no shipping methods available”

    Then you will have to either email us your order or fax your order into us. This occurs mainly for international orders and some US orders. We are working to resolve this problem for the future. Please bear with us in regards to this.

  • How is my order packaged?

    All orders are packaged in crush proof containers to ensure safe delivery to you.

  • Where do you ship to?

    We ship world wide. Regardless of where you live you can order our souvenir packs. You may want to check with your local state, province & countries laws, as cultivation of cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world.

  • How will my personal information be used?

    If you have signed up specifically to receive our newsletter through this site you may receive occasional promotion emails from us only. Your information will never be sold to anyone else or given to anyone else for any purpose what so ever. If you have only registered your information through our store to purchase souvenir items, then you will only be contacted by us in regards to your order. This may include notices of tracking, notices of delays, notices of back ordered items, refunds and provide order support.

  • Can I call you?

    No! We do not provide phone support. We only provide support through email.