The Children of the Congo

Salutations to all the loyal KOS peeps out there in cyber-land. I have several things to babble with you about today, but first I want to speak to those of you that really dig on some truly exotic shit … I don’t mean stuff that has some catchy name and a bunch of hype, truth be told that is normally my least favorite, heh heh. If you are all about yields, then something like the C99 may never even really cross your radar; however, if you are a real deal connoisseur, then it absolutely should!

I rarely smoke anything that gets handed to me—I know better—and if you think that sounds extremely snobbish, that’s a fair point, and I’ll go ahead and own that, because I can. You see I don’t have to care about yields, or public demand when I am growing and breeding, and you won’t find all the usual suspects all renamed 100 times used in KOS breeding; nope. Now don’t get me wrong and I always take yield into consideration and 90% of our stock has primo yields, but sometimes you can’t get huge yields AND something truly special, like you will find in the C99. Give her a try man … and see what I’m talking about.


Watch for the release of the Cindy Congo f2 here in about 30-40 days; another good example of a variety (90% sativa) that doesn’t give you huge yields, and she can be a tad unruly—lol—due to her aggressive vigor and heartiness. But should you choose to accept the mission, and are confident you can take her for a 10-12 week flowering spin, allowing her to finish, then you will be mightily rewarded young Jedi; and the female CCongo f1 I used, was very purple. Cindy Congo is one of those almost psychoactive-potent, like some cacti. A super intense sativa ride down the rabbit hole. With the Cindy Congo … make sure you have your sativa chops and can take a plant 12 weeks flowering if need be. It would be a crime to take her at all early—trust me here.


Right now, I am flowering my first plants for Sensi buds in about 4-5 cycles so I am pretty excited, yay! First up are two Durban Black female individuals, and a very vigorous Red Sky female. I am going to get my whole continuous flowering cycle going again here and flower some newer KOS stuff. Another one to watch for coming up will be the Congo Bhai Bhai, Cindy Congo male crossed to 2 individual female Bhai Bhai (Burmese x Juicyfruit Thai; by Opie Kenope) and this KOS hybrid is bound to be epic exotics … and stuff you just don’t really see around anymore.


I have seen the Cindy Congo cause peeps to “run for the hills” from severe paranoia; now she doesn’t come off to me that way at all and she fills me with wonder and awe with smiles for miles. Just a word of warning to those that may experience paranoia with strong sativas, Cindy Congo is wicked potent and wicked intense. The kind of herb that rips right through whatever other kind of herbs you have been smoking and establishes a whole new level of bake—I love her huge, and will be growing some more of her very soon indeed. Don’t miss out on her, only limited numbers of beans will be available.


If you are a big time sativa fan, but like your sativas POTENT, I highly recommend you give our Darkling Sativa a whirl—yowza!


If you are looking for a super “everything bagel” variety that kicks your body and head (hard) and is a fully blended sativa indica type, try our Coma Cluster—dank to the max, dripping with resin, smelly as hell, and uber tasty … but wait, there’s more … she is an awesome yielder as well.

Heavy indica fans should look at the Deep Chunk, or the Focus Pocus, or the Boggle Dragon, as these three really bring the strong indica body thump many of you crave in your weeds, heh heh.


Just a friendly bit of advice here man, toss that stupid paper mask and get a real mask if you are working with guanos especially, but any actively composting material is usually rife with fungal spores and you need a mask that can actually stop those tiny little buggers … Cheers good peeps,


  • REvski

Summertime 2018

A big ol’ huge hello to all the KOS digging peeps. I’m The Rev, and this is a little ramble for the summertime of 2018; just some updates on genetics I am working and have recently worked, breeding projects, a little TLO. Stuff like that. Welcome, and salutations.


My latest TLO (True Living Organics) book (2nd edition) has really been doing well lately, and I hear from mucho good peeps just rocking the TLO all the time, proof is in the pudding, as my dad used to say. TLO is literally a just add water dynamic. It’s super impressive, so grab a copy man and check it out. Thanks for all the great support. My latest TLO book 2nd Edition on Amazon LINK:


Cherry Malawi Projects – Malawi Moonshine

I am just about to pollinate a selected Moonshine Skunk (by KOS) using a selected male Cherry Malawi. Both of these plants are pure fire in their own ways and will

complement each other well; I see monsters outdoors as well as massive yielding plants indoors. I made a cross a while ago called Chunky Cherry Malawi that was a Deep Chunk x Cherry Malawi that was a huge hit. The Moonshine Skunk is a true hybrid of a Deep Chunk

and my olden IBL Skunk (Red Russian Skunk). I believe this will be close to the Chunky Cherry Malawi but will offer greater yields, plant size, and stronger as far as the potency as well. So be looking for this one, the Malawi Moonshine coming soon. Sign up for our KOS newsletter, we won’t bomb you with crap, just let you know first

about new releases and KOS updates—cheers.


Hemmy Black Ooh La La

If you guys haven’t experienced the Hemmy Black yet, you really should! Really a broad range of phenotypes here and I have seen 4 myself, including my favorite “Cat Piss” phenotype. Super stony and spacy ride with really long legs. This one gets much more tasty and potent with a 30-day cure sealed up. I would also highly recommend flowering clones of this one in containers because they just shine this way for sure. I have heard of

citrus and candy phenotypes O plenty and I had a real ass kicking (Darkling Sativa dominant) Hemmy Black that was like tangerine and hashish and crazy good. I found growing them untopped worked best for my yields with this one as well. Try it you’ll like it!


Latest Sprouts for Breeding

When looking at the photo of the latest sprouts you must be thinking… “I know Rev has Congo and Deep Chunk genetics, but what the hell is “Bhai Bhai”? Okay, first things first; I am inbreeding the Deep Chunks again, and planning a cross with Deep Chunk and Congo, and pos

sibly inbreeding the Congo as well, assuming I get awesome breeder parents maternal and paternal. So, I gots that going on.


The Bhai Bhai (pronounced like bye-bye) is a hybrid cross my old buddy Opie Kenope made back around 2004ish using a classic deadly Burmese and the old Juicyfruit Thai (indica dominant) that was cropped up in the great white north (CN) for decades and decades. These two together should really have some amazing properties, especially for outdoors, and at this point my intention with these leans towards selecting and inbreeding this true f1 hybrid made from two classic bad ass IBL lines.

Take care everyone and thank you so much for all the TLO book sales, and support for KOS; it really helps this old man out. See ya next time at the next ramble good peeps. Cheers.


  • REvski

Don’t Mess Up the Fundamentals

Well, longtime since my last ramble, heh heh. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty:

RIFFRAFF THAI – As I had strongly suspected, this hybrid of Deep Chunk x Kali Thai (a pre-2000 Kali Mist x Juicyfruit Thai) is a real winner; in my experience anytime you cross an olden Hashplant IBL with any kind of Thai you get some serious magic. This is no exception here with the Riffraff Thai. The pure hashish and fuel smells along with the really nice yields of large buds, just covered in resin, tell me clearly this are high on the insane meter. Now, here’s the good news and the bad news…


I made these as breeder’s stock for myself, so there aren’t a lot of them. Rather than raising the price on these baybees

I’m going to keep them at their Gamblers’ pricing until they are all gone—which will be pretty soon so keep that in mind—these hybrids do favor their paternal parent, the Deep Chunk somewhat when it comes to touchiness regarding lower pH ranges and she doesn’t really tolerate anything below 6.8 well.

As long as you know your shit when it comes to growing different varieties with variable needs, and in this case, pH, then you’ll be more than flabbergasted by this one; I am.


COMA CLUSTER – Talk about easy to grow, giant yields and deadly potent, you guys who haven’t had the pleasure of this hunny really should. I just want to give this hybrid a shout-out as I have had many-many emails telling me just how stoked peeps are with this variety, from growers using many different growing styles in very different environments. I wouldn’t recommend this baybee for outdoors unless it is a really dry environment as she may be susceptible to mold due to her dense large buds and her Iron Cindy lineage.

Some Cosmopolitan TLO Advice from REvski

Make sure you guys don’t mess up your fundamentals. Make sure you have the perlite ratios especially, and not using enough of this product will cost you in the end at harvest. When you add additional aeration to a TLO living soil, it’s like adding octane to gasoline, you dig?

Don’t forget to use mulch on top of your soil, truly this makes a huge difference per your soil life, especially up in the top layer of your soil. It balances out moisture and retains it, as well as insulates. All this means uber-happiness for the microbes, and thus, for your plants. If you don’t believe me, try mulching just a few of your plants and see for yourselves 😊

KOS – All our products are carefully bred, testing parents in multiple ways with strict controls over errors during breeding, so you won’t get hermaphrodites and weak mutants. Is always nice to have healthy, happy, and sexually normal plants for your garden. I try hard not to be all about the money, and really want to bring you all some high-quality genetics, minus all the hype, at a fair price. Thank you all for the support. Here’s the link to my latest TLO book, the 2nd Edition:

TLO 2nd Edition on Amazon:

Joy to The World

Joy to the world 😊 – Don’t look now, it’s Biker Rev, heh heh. So, here’s what I gots going on around the kingdom; and, I just gotta say I am so over the rain and clouds! Okay, on with the show:

Willie Nelson:

It’s going to be so close with these two beast females in these 2.5 gallon containers, just add water so far with a good top dressing with a new layer of castings and mulch. Unfortunately for me I was under the impression these would not go longer than 14 weeks, but normally 10-11 weeks. It would seem in their f2 recombination the South East Asian Sativa was the dominant genotype by a decent percentage, so these f2s go more like 16 – 18 weeks, yikes! I’m past the point of no return on them now and cannot risk doing anything not even a tea really, lest I ruin the connoisseur quality. If they don’t quite make it all good I will hash them up and still enjoy; I think they’ll make it, but not certain.

New Sprouts So Cute:

Got 3 Fat Tuesday and 3 Skyanchor sprouts up and out of the ground. The Skyanchor is a cross between my PSI (Purple Salem Indica) and a Bogglegum (BOG) male. Wicked chit Maynard.

In The Bullpen:

See that bad ass looking plant in the back corner in the group shot? Thant’s my selected Cherry Hemmingway male, he’s been put through the rigors and has come out with flying colors. Surrounding him are 4 selected Darkling Sativa females and they will very soon be doing the nasty together to make some of what I am going to call “Hemmy Black,” so picture a very evil smile when you think about that one! Make sure and sign up for the newsletter here at KOS and get notified via email when we have new releases to The Gamblers’ or regular stock.

Check Out Global Issue of SKUNK Magazine:

Grab this copy of SKUNK Magazine amigos, the Global Issue. Don’t miss the awesome TLO article in that issue, it’s a huge ass article that I think can clear up anyone on TLO growing.

Coma Cluster:

This ramble’s suggestion of the month from me, Coma Cluster. Man, this variety is one real hunny, the ride is just so well balanced and stunning potent in an intense way with long ass legs too. Flavors are extremely satisfying and yields are great. So, if you are looking for something different, you may just wanna give this girl a whirl, I’m definitely flowering some for my next smoking harvest. One of my favorites for a while now.

Later G8Rs:

Keep the shiny side up and the dirty side down my friends, until next time, REvski out…



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GREETINGS FROM THE REV: Welcome to the Kingdom! Please purchase any KOS gear only from authorized KOS distributors, here they are:contact_logo


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Anyone else selling KOS gear is just a greedy thief; and the proof is right before your eyes. So purchase only from authorized KOS distributors if you really want to support KOS and myself, along with the fact you KNOW what you got was actual KOS gear.

I have been breeding for a few decades now and I consider what I do as art. We are not driven by greed for money at KOS so we can take our time and actually bring you some quality exotic gear. I’m the only pollen slinger around here at present, and I run only a smaller sized personal garden, however, I am expanding even now nice and easy like, to accommodate bringing so much good new, and old favorite stuff to all the good peeps.

A lot of our stuff is hybridized with a heavier sativa side, others not so much, and we will normally always have some thumper indicas and indica dominants on hand too. All of the KOS selections are quite different from the others; flavors, smells, and effects cover a wide bandwidth. KOS is for all my connoisseur cannabis homeskillets with exotic cannabis tastes. Everyone is different, embrace that fact, and find your own real joy. Peace and Salutations, thank you all for the support.

More About Us

The KOS Gene Pool is wide and with our diverse selection we have a strain for everyone. With pain staking effort and care during breeding, KOS germination rates are nearly 99.9% successful. We put severe attention to detail during our growing process, mate selection & breeding is taken to ensure that our strains are always producing as we describe and show you in our pictures. Our growing and breeding is always done all naturally 100% of the time using the same techniques described in True Living Organics, during harvesting of our mothers we still have worms living in the roots balls, which allows Kingdom Organic Seeds to stay highly viable for years under poor storage conditions, under proper storage conditions our seeds can last generations.

The Darklings are Coming!

Here I sit with the chill of November upon me, but while my house stays kinda chilly, my garden rooms remain tropical paradises, and especially on the chilly black-poison-projectmornings I tend to spend a lot of time in them with my morning java. Greetings Earthlings and welcome to another edition of Rev‘s Rambles, I’m The Rev (Duh), and here comes the ramblings for November 2015, so buckle up!

The Iron Cindy F2sare looking stellar and I have a fine looking female I like a lot set to go into flowering here within a few weeks, I would seriously grab a pack or tw
o of these at an awesome price right now in the Breeders’ zone of this website—wiggling eyebrows—these have some epic recombinations and no bad recombos, I have no doubts!

KOS – “The Tombs” and “Coma Cluster” Hybrids
Iron Cindy (m) x Boggle Dragon = Coma Cluster …And, the Iron Cindy (m) x BR1947 =The Tombs. I just harvested these seed heavy mothers yesterday, so i
n a few weeks look for a chance to grab some of these upin the Gamblers’ Table section of this website for some limited and awesome deals on some of these beans, yessir, these are some bad ass prodigy here ladies and gentlemen. The IC x BR1947 (The Tombs) should be like the well known old KOS CBR1947 hybrid I made about a decade ago, only on steroids; don’t miss out on these, wow!


The Coma Cluster speaks for itself, and prepare for some heavy duty “drooling on your shoes” cannabis, that also have extraordinary yields.

The Darkling Sativa Project!
Well as I write this I am preparing to remove the Black Forrest male from that breeding tent within a couple of days max; a sativa lovers’ dream come true here, especially for those of you who like that real Cat Piss side of the coin, with stunning potency, seriously! I already made these a long time ago once and I called them “Cindy Black” so I already know they are ass kicking reality altering sativas that finish in about 10 weeks, so make sure and stay on top of things to grab some of these just down the road a bit.
Another one I am crossing at the same time as the BF x C99 will be the BF x Black D
urban and I am calling that one Black Poison, keeping “poison” in the name to reflect the care I have gone to in order to keep that early finish outdoors expression in a Homo state within the Black Durban; therefore it will tend to be fully dominant in these offspring, or perhaps in 75% of them. These will be a very limited release as I plan to work these further and deeper, but look for a chance in the Gamblers’ Table section in the near future. These are getting so close now!

The Black Durban has deep dark purple (almost black) calyxes you can see in the photo, this cross is sure to be something very special and I can’t wait to get s
ome of these beans in the ground and have a look very soon now.

Cheers & Salutationsdarkling-sativa-project-2

– REvski

The Breeders Bin

Okay, October is here and I am sad to see summertime fade away, as usual. Check out ‘The Breeders’ Bin’ for some cool deals on some F2 stock, seriously! Nice pickings here for some halfway decent selection skills—just sayin’ The Iron Cindy F2s are here in the Breeders’ section, so pay a visit!
Okay as you can see in one of the photos the male selected Iron Cindy (what a stud) is getting busy in the tent with the selected Limey Phenotype BR1947, and dark-dragon-teenagers-back-two-rowsselected Boggle Dragon, I call the ‘Bubblegum Phenotype’ as her smells and flavors are seriously bubblegummy and candy sweet. So I am going to call the cross between the IC x Boggle Dragon: Coma Cluster. I am calling the cross of the IC x BR1947: The Tombs. So watch for these coming up in the Gamblers’ Table section here at KOS pretty soon! Stellar F1 hybrids, I have no doubts.
The Darkling Sativa Project!
Oohh, another one that will be coming up in The Gamblers’ Table section here at KOS; Darkling Sativa, which is a cross between Black Forrest Sativa (m) x C99 and this one is sure to please all the fans out there for that true Cat Piss/Nag Champa Hazey flavors and smells, heavy on the Cat Piss side; with a mega punch of powerful sativas. At the time of this writing I am about one week away from putting the male Black Forrest in the breeding zone.
Black Poison
Another one I am crossing at the same time as the BF x C99 will be the BF x Black Durban and I am calling that one Black Poison, keeping “poison” in the name to reflect the care I have gone to in order to keep that early finish outdoors expression in a Homo state within the Black Durban; therefore it will tend to be fully dominant in these offspring, or perhaps in 75% of them. These will be a very limited release as I plan to work these further and deeper, but look for a chance in the Gamblers’ Table section in the near future.



KOS & The Dark Force

Hello everyone, Rev here, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am at present involved in back to back breeding runs using some of the wonderful selections I have made from various varieties over the last year or so. So, stay tuned (and bookmark) to this site and check back about the first or second of every month to see what we will have available next, and when approx. Right now I am making (big fat hunnys all seeded up right now) some Dark Rhino 1947 and Dark Dragon seeds, using a phenomenal


male Dark Matter selected breeder, and pairing his traits up with my beloved Blue Rhino 1947 and the Boggle Dragon. We are going to have some special offers when these varieties are released, but they will be limited releases at those prices so jump on that for sure, if it blows your skirt up, heh heh.

I had to sprout some of my C99 recently, not for breeding with so much (though I will likely do another run of Cindy Black (Black Forrest x C99) for a very very special sativa (hammer) treat! But I mostly sprouted the C99 because I forget how truly awesome she is, so I will get awesome pictures and have some deadly Cindy 99 herbs to vape, and perhaps throw a bit of BForrest pollen on my favorite female(s). If you haven’t had C99 for awhile (or ever) maybe you should think about getting some, eh? 55 Days indoors on the nose, and outdoors she is all good as long as there are no mold issues as she does not handle mold too well. So make sure she is in a spot where she gets some airflow and trim her bottom axial branches so she has a couple feet of pure stem between the ground and her first lateral (axial) branches, and this will really help her air circulation throughout the plant.

Tune in next month for more news from the world of KOS! L8r G8rs…