Summertime 2018

A big ol’ huge hello to all the KOS digging peeps. I’m The Rev, and this is a little ramble for the summertime of 2018; just some updates on genetics I am working and have recently worked, breeding projects, a little TLO. Stuff like that. Welcome, and salutations.


My latest TLO (True Living Organics) book (2nd edition) has really been doing well lately, and I hear from mucho good peeps just rocking the TLO all the time, proof is in the pudding, as my dad used to say. TLO is literally a just add water dynamic. It’s super impressive, so grab a copy man and check it out. Thanks for all the great support. My latest TLO book 2nd Edition on Amazon LINK:


Cherry Malawi Projects – Malawi Moonshine

I am just about to pollinate a selected Moonshine Skunk (by KOS) using a selected male Cherry Malawi. Both of these plants are pure fire in their own ways and will

complement each other well; I see monsters outdoors as well as massive yielding plants indoors. I made a cross a while ago called Chunky Cherry Malawi that was a Deep Chunk x Cherry Malawi that was a huge hit. The Moonshine Skunk is a true hybrid of a Deep Chunk

and my olden IBL Skunk (Red Russian Skunk). I believe this will be close to the Chunky Cherry Malawi but will offer greater yields, plant size, and stronger as far as the potency as well. So be looking for this one, the Malawi Moonshine coming soon. Sign up for our KOS newsletter, we won’t bomb you with crap, just let you know first

about new releases and KOS updates—cheers.


Hemmy Black Ooh La La

If you guys haven’t experienced the Hemmy Black yet, you really should! Really a broad range of phenotypes here and I have seen 4 myself, including my favorite “Cat Piss” phenotype. Super stony and spacy ride with really long legs. This one gets much more tasty and potent with a 30-day cure sealed up. I would also highly recommend flowering clones of this one in containers because they just shine this way for sure. I have heard of

citrus and candy phenotypes O plenty and I had a real ass kicking (Darkling Sativa dominant) Hemmy Black that was like tangerine and hashish and crazy good. I found growing them untopped worked best for my yields with this one as well. Try it you’ll like it!


Latest Sprouts for Breeding

When looking at the photo of the latest sprouts you must be thinking… “I know Rev has Congo and Deep Chunk genetics, but what the hell is “Bhai Bhai”? Okay, first things first; I am inbreeding the Deep Chunks again, and planning a cross with Deep Chunk and Congo, and pos

sibly inbreeding the Congo as well, assuming I get awesome breeder parents maternal and paternal. So, I gots that going on.


The Bhai Bhai (pronounced like bye-bye) is a hybrid cross my old buddy Opie Kenope made back around 2004ish using a classic deadly Burmese and the old Juicyfruit Thai (indica dominant) that was cropped up in the great white north (CN) for decades and decades. These two together should really have some amazing properties, especially for outdoors, and at this point my intention with these leans towards selecting and inbreeding this true f1 hybrid made from two classic bad ass IBL lines.

Take care everyone and thank you so much for all the TLO book sales, and support for KOS; it really helps this old man out. See ya next time at the next ramble good peeps. Cheers.


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About Us


GREETINGS FROM THE REV: Welcome to the Kingdom! Please purchase any KOS gear only from authorized KOS distributors, here they are:contact_logo


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Anyone else selling KOS gear is just a greedy thief; and the proof is right before your eyes. So purchase only from authorized KOS distributors if you really want to support KOS and myself, along with the fact you KNOW what you got was actual KOS gear.

I have been breeding for a few decades now and I consider what I do as art. We are not driven by greed for money at KOS so we can take our time and actually bring you some quality exotic gear. I’m the only pollen slinger around here at present, and I run only a smaller sized personal garden, however, I am expanding even now nice and easy like, to accommodate bringing so much good new, and old favorite stuff to all the good peeps.

A lot of our stuff is hybridized with a heavier sativa side, others not so much, and we will normally always have some thumper indicas and indica dominants on hand too. All of the KOS selections are quite different from the others; flavors, smells, and effects cover a wide bandwidth. KOS is for all my connoisseur cannabis homeskillets with exotic cannabis tastes. Everyone is different, embrace that fact, and find your own real joy. Peace and Salutations, thank you all for the support.

More About Us

The KOS Gene Pool is wide and with our diverse selection we have a strain for everyone. With pain staking effort and care during breeding, KOS germination rates are nearly 99.9% successful. We put severe attention to detail during our growing process, mate selection & breeding is taken to ensure that our strains are always producing as we describe and show you in our pictures. Our growing and breeding is always done all naturally 100% of the time using the same techniques described in True Living Organics, during harvesting of our mothers we still have worms living in the roots balls, which allows Kingdom Organic Seeds to stay highly viable for years under poor storage conditions, under proper storage conditions our seeds can last generations.

Deep and Chunky

2nd-edition-tlo-bookComing at you from one of my favorite pubs along Oregon’s Southern Coast, for today’s Rev’s Ramble. So let’s get down to it, shall we?
First of all, let me tell you how the upcoming lineup for breeding projects is looking. I have had so many of you ask me about the Red Thai from KOS (Skunk x Kali Thai); don’t worry that is next up right after this first run I am going to tell you about now… Okay, as some of you know I am inbreeding my (pre 2000) Deep Chunks in an open blow pollination. So as they blow pollen I will include a few other tasty females to get pollinated so we can have a look-see at them, here’s the roster:

DC x Red Russian Skunk – Moonshine Skunk

DC x Lemon Chunk – Cosmo’s Factory (Lemon Chunk is DC x Lemongrass Thai)

DC x Kali Thai – Chunky Kali Thai (wow)

DC x DC – inbred Deep Chunk open blow style pollination

Getting some very cool misty/foggy mornings along the coast here in Oregon. Let me tell you all right now that plants from seeds survive things like mold and other parasites way better outdoors in the ground than old clones. Clones are best in containers, and this is all in my long experience. If you grow in a moist zone and deal with Bud Rot you should give the Dark Dragon a try, as this variety has a perfect floral morphology for outdoors and moisture. The buds are huge, but not rock hard—they aren’t all airy either—they are fairly dense still. Also, I am thinking The Tombs will also have this capability in moisture outdoors and a friend of mine now is checking that very thing out for me (Thank You DR. Anarchy). The Tombs is 50% Blue Rhino 1947 and should also be a great medical variety and it does carry the famous BR1947 spasm suppression when spasms are brought about by nerve damage.
The new True Living Organics book should be available to the public any day now yay! I also want to recommend the Coma Cluster; this is my latest favorite and a superior high type that reflects the Tibetan lineage present in this variety, which I have selected for along the way. It is one of those over the top happiness rides with long legs and everything to me just seems “golden” under her influence. Very cool and super dank, and I do mean dank, literally! Very large yielding with rock hard buds dripping with resin, so give her a try for sure!
All the plants from KOS seeds should be easy to grow, they should clone/root easily, and be resistant to most potential issues that come up. A couple things to be br1947-gooey-buds-tlo-styleaware of are like the Iron Cindy, and if you are flowering this variety she must be ABSOLUTELY dark during her flowering period, because she is super photosensitive. Also, the C99 should not be grown outdoors or indoors where powdery mildew is an issue, as she does have a weakness to the dreaded PM, but as long as you don’t have any PM issues, she is a connoisseur’s dreamboat, in my opinion. Cheers everyone, and thanks so much for the support.
– REvski